Candidates for Ordained Ministry

Becoming a Certified Candidate for Licensing or Ordained Ministry
in the California-Pacific Conference

We encourage all candidates to attend the annual “Candidacy Summit” as soon as possible. Candidates may attend prior to or following admission to the candidacy journey.

1. Contact a United Methodist clergyperson to discuss your interest in ministry. You may want to review The Christian as Minister and Understanding of God’s Call: Ministry Inquiry Process. Both these resources are available from

2. Be a professing member in good standing of The United Methodist Church or a baptized participant of a recognized United Methodist ministry or other United Methodist ministry setting for a minimum of one (1) year. (BOD ¶310.1a)

3. Make plans for meeting the academic requirements of the ministry/order to which you are called.

4. Fill out the GBHEM Form #102, Biographical Form located under our forms section on the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry website at Email the form to the District Superintendent, DCOM Chair and the Administrative Coordinator for the Board of Ordained Ministry.

5. Write to your District Superintendent requesting admission to the candidacy process and the assignment of a candidacy mentor. Include a statement of call. Request registration into the General Board UMCARES Candidacy System.

6. Meet with the District Committee On Ordained Ministry (DCOM) for the Introductory Interview. Communicate with your DCOM Chair to schedule this interview.

7. Work with your District Administrative Assistant to complete Safe Gatherings online which includes your Background Check.

8. You will receive an email from (add this email to your address book so that is doesn’t get blocked). There will be a link to enroll as a candidate with The United Methodist Church through the UMCARES (United Methodist Candidacy and Record Entry System) at Please do so immediately as the link is only good for 30 days. Once your District Superintendent and your mentor have “signed electronically” your application, you will receive another email with a link to the web site to pay the $75 registration fee. Once the fee is received, you can download or receive by mail the Candidacy Guidebook.

9. Work with your mentor and the District Superintendent to navigate through the UMCARES system.

10. If you haven’t done so already, register for the Candidacy Summit

11. Meet with and receive the written recommendation from your local church or equivalent ministry setting as follows:

a. Contact your pastor to make these arrangements.

b. Submit to your Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee the written statement on call to ministry and be prepared to be interviewed in light of Wesley’s historic questions in ¶310.1d.

c. Interview with the Pastor/Parish Relations Committee or equivalent body specified by the DCOM.

d. After approval by the P/SPRC, meet with the charge conference or body specified by the DCOM and receive 2/3 approval vote (form 104, signed by District Superintendent or presiding elder in the Charge Conference Forms). This approval needs to be made annually.

12. Review the Conference Psychological Assessment Policy. You should complete the UMCARES steps as soon as possible so that your Tier I Psychological Assessment packet will be sent to your mentor for you to complete. The mentor will mail back to GBHEM the completed Assessment. Once GBHEM processes the report, they will send it to our Conference Ministerial Assessment Specialist who will contact you once they receive it to schedule your in person Assessment review.

13. Work with your District Committee on Ordained Ministry for the Certification Interview and submission of required paperwork.

14. Certified candidacy is renewed annually by Charge Conference and District Committee on Ordained Ministry. An annual interview with the district committee is required and transcripts of all educational progress shall be submitted in addition to other items DCOM may require.

15. Your local church pastor or candidacy mentor remains available to the certified candidate until the candidate is licensed or commissioned.

16. If you are seeking licensing for pastoral ministry the DCOM must approve that you meet the qualifications at your certification or re-certification interview.

17. One year as a Certified Candidate and completion of educational requirements is required prior to provisional membership and commissioning. The application packet for provisional membership is available on July 1st on the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry website


Rev. October 2016